I have a tendency to post a greeting everytime I set up a new blog (which means this is obviously not my first blog). That, two-three posts, and it’s neglected. Repeat.

The thing is I actually don’t think that my life is blog-worthy; that’s why I don’t blog much. It’s pretty dull in my opinion. Although my mind is a theme park where I can set up plenty of stuffs based on an idea, I still ran out of ideas more than I got it because my life in a nutshell is none other than a fixed-regular schedule; do same things everyday, over and over and over again.

Then, why?

Because my need to pour my mind out and the availability of listeners is badly imbalance. You might have heard it too somewhere that we, females, have a bigger need to talk. So, let’s just say blogging is the media I choose to substitute it. I’m the same old girl who has her fun while sinking deep in a sea of thoughts, so this blog is going to contain… randomness.

So yes, here I am, trying to blog (again), karena setiap kehidupan (akan selalu) punya cerita 🙂


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